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Eternal reviews

Keep 'em coming! Your opinions on Eternal's albums and live performances.

Video: "Eternal - The Greatest Clips"
by Sarah Hodges

Eternal live at the Stockholm Water Festival
by Marisa

Single: "Angel Of Mine"
by Lucas Orro

Single: "Don't You Love Me"
by Lucas Orro

Album: "Always & Forever"
by Lianne Williams

Album: "Power Of A Woman"
by Lianne Williams

Album: "Before The Rain"
by Lianne Williams

Tour: "Before The Rain", Glasgow SECC
by Ian Duncan

Tour: "Before The Rain", Manchester Arena
by Janet Valentine - includes some pictures she took at the concert!

About being an Eternal fan

In this section you can tell us all about your fan experiences - anything from how you came to be an Eternal fan to your experience of collecting CDs or meeting other fans.

What Eternal Mean To Us!
by David Balls and Theo Currie - how they started to like Eternal, and found Eternal happiness on the Internet.

Near-Eternal experiences!

Ever met Eternal? Or come close? Here are some accounts by lucky fans about how they met their favourite group.

Talking to Eternal on the global phone-in
Mattias from Sweden tells us how he managed to get through to a radio phone-in and talk to Eternal.

Christina makes it big on the Lottery!
An account by Christina Sparshott about how she met Eternal & BeBe Winans on the Lottery show, and managed to get herself on TV!

Review of "Before The Rain" tour & meeting Eternal!
by Amir Hussan

Eternal fiction

Easther and I... an Eternal story
a story by Lianne Willliams including lots of Eternal songs!

An Eternal Story!
A short story written by Max Smith He proudly claims to 'mention' every Eternal song released on CD so far (just after the release of Before The Rain).


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