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#Eternal20 Sleep interferes with making a good fan site. And so, in the summer of 1996 and in the final days leading up to the launch of the final Power Of A Woman tribute, I managed to make do with two night's sleep out of four, going live one Monday morning.

This time around I've been a little more circumspect! Nevertheless, I've reworked many aspects of the site 'behind the scenes' to make sure it plays nicely with the latest browsers, while trying to keep the original character and design of a late 90s artist tribute.

I've also endeavoured to remove fans' personal information. Back in the early days online, it was normal to share email addresses online. I've removed all of these, along with the whole Pen Pals section. Most of the external links no longer work, so they've also been removed. Other than that though, you'll find all the original content here.

So, welcome to the 'digitally remastered' Power Of A Woman site, and thanks for dropping by. :)


I'd firstly like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Eternal site - the feedback I get from you makes all my hard work worthwhile, and I truly appreciate it.

I'd especially like to thank Steve Brown for everything he's done for us. Without him there'd be no mailing list, and the web site would not have grown to what it is today. Thanks for all your support, Steve, and thanks for putting up with me!

Also special thanks to Amir Hussan who has taken the trouble to help out with the site in many ways, especially with scanning in pictures.

I would to individually thank the following people for their support and contributions. Please let me know if I've missed you off!

Mark Stacey
Andrew Gibson
Janet Valentine
Amir Hussan
Kenneth Kwok
Richard Burr
Martin Cairns
Martin John Hooper
Kéllé Bryan
Lisa Blanco
Graeme Currie
Jackie Allam
St Paul Peterson
Ian Duncan
Tim Harris
Sara Doménech
Oscar van Duijn
Paul Scarth

Finally, I just want to say a huge thank you to Easther, Vernie and Kéllé for bringing so much happiness into my life, and for making this site worth doing!

About this web site

Here is a mini-FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Eternal web site. If there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask me!

#Eternal20 I haven't kept the site online the whole time since writing this section. In 2013, Power Of A Woman was brought back and hosted alongside my UKMIX site.

How long has this site been running?
I started making it in December 1994 and it made its appearance on the web in May 1995 (space given to me by Mistral Internet). It was re-launched and moved to Ke-Connect's server on February 12th 1996. Finally, the site moved to ElectronIC in June, 1997.

Why call it 'Power Of A Woman'?
Originally I called the site 'Just A Step From Heaven', after the fantastic Eternal song by the same name. But Eternal have progressed, and the title track of their second album seemed to be just what they're about, so I renamed it. I don't think I'll keep on renaming it though!

Why do a web site devoted to Eternal?
When I started making this site, the main focus of the web seemed to be on rock & pop groups. At the same time, a certain R&B group was emerging on the UK scene, and I was becoming more impressed with them by the minute...

Even then, I believed in Eternal, and was sure they had a bright future ahead of them. So, I ended up doing an Eternal web site... and I've never had cause to regret it!

What browser is this site aimed at?
I would like everyone to be able to enjoy my site, not just users of the latest computers and web browsers. So I've done my best to ensure it works well on any system.

Where did all the pictures, lyrics etc. come from?
All the material here appeared on my site first - nothing has been taken from other web sites. Much of the typing and scanning I have done myself, but I've also received many contributions from other people.

Why don't you include Louise anymore?
When she left the group in 1995, I decided not to cover Louise as part of my Eternal web site. Partly because it seemed like too much hard work, but also because it doesn't make sense to do a joint web site - not everyone who likes one act will like the other. In the end I gave in to demand and produced a separate site devoted to Louise!


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