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#Eternal20 The images and previews here were designed to load quickly on a dial-up connection, so the quality has been compromised a little.

In fact, back then, it was very difficult to get images onto the site; the cheapest scanner on the market cost ~£600, and Internet companies charged by the megabyte for web space!

Welcome to the world's largest collection of Eternal pictures! Special thanks must go to Amir Hussan who scanned in most of them.

Only the best will do - if I think the image quality is poor I'll either touch up the image 'till I'm happy with it... or bin it!

This section is sorted into categories such as which album they came from, plus a year-by-year section of Eternal pics. The dates are very approximate though, as I don't always know exactly when a picture was taken.

Don't forget, the images you see on the page are just previews - if you like the look of one, click on it to view/download the full size pic!