Mailing List member profiles

#Eternal20 Back in the 1990s it was normal to publish people's e-mail addresses on the web.

They have been removed now to protect people's privacy (and because many are probably defunct anyway).

Anyone on the mailing list can have an entry here.

Name: Andy Benson
City/Country: Manchester, England
Short biography: I am 18 years old and study media at Salford university.
Eternal interests: Totally love the group, my favourite is Vernie, and I am also a huge Louise fan. Have met Louise and Easther & Vernie.
Other artists: I also like Kylie, Dannii, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Dina Carroll & Mariah Carey, as well as most chart music. Whereas I like to watch Melrose Place, 90210 and anything with Rik Mayall.

Name: Iain Black
City/Country: Newcastle, South Africa
Short biography: I am 16 years old and like tennis, hockey, movies, music and TV. My favourite movies include Seven. Fried Green Tomatoes and Speed. TV favourites are Ab Fab and Melrose Place. I am currently going to school at St Dominics Academy (in Newcastle). I am in Std 9 which means I have about a year and a half left to go.
Eternal interests: Vernie is my favourite Eternal member. Their best album has to be Power Of a Woman (more diverse), and I am trying to complete a collection of their CD singles.
Other artists: Oasis, George Michael, Gabrielle.

Name: Steve Brown
City/Country: Ipswich, Suffolk
Short biography: Hi, I'm a 24 (nearer 25 now!) year old guy, who works for a great Internet Provider in the UK) Hobbies include music (see below), driving and of course, messing around on the Net.
Eternal interests: Just listening to them... And pouting that Louise left. Oh, and running a mailing list devoted to Eternal and Louise.
Other artists: Louise, of course! Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and special favorite is Debbie Gibson.

Name: Adam Clark
City/Country: Manchester, England
Short biography: I am 31, male, and work as a Civil Servant in Old Trafford (very boring!)
Eternal interests: Kéllé! Favourite tune "Power Of A Woman", favourite ex-member Louise!
Other artists: Michelle Gayle, Kylie, Louise, Crush, Detroit techno (Carl Craig, Juan Atkins, Derrick May etc.)

Name: Mark Croghan
City/Country: Ellesmere Port, England
Short biography: I am 19 years old and work for a plastics company, I enjoy playing and watching both Tennis and Football (I support Chester City). I also enjoy listening to music especially Eternal/Lou (obviously).
Eternal interests: Collecting anything Eternal I can, I think they are the best group ever and Louise is the best solo singer ever.
Other artists: I like R'n'B, Rap, soul, Hip Hop, other fave artists are Shola Ama, Keith Sweat, Mary J Blige and Puffy to name just a few.

Name: Ian Duncan
City/Country: Dundee, Scotland
Short biography: I'm 26, run my own Computer Business in Dundee, and I collect Laserdiscs, CDs and absolutely anything about Eternal & Vernie Bennett in particular.
Eternal interests: Vernie, Kéllé, Vernie, Louise, Vernie & Easther. Oh and did I mention I love Vernie?
Other artists: Louise (obviously), Toni Braxton (my second fave woman after Miss V. Bennett), Mariah (although I thought the Daydream album sucked!), Kylie, George Michael, TLC & anything produced, written or performed by Babyface.

Name: Paul Evans
City/Country: Newcastle, England
Short biography: I'm 19 years old and studying maths at Newcastle University. My hobbies include clubbing and DJing, and I recently played a jungle set at a local bar. I'm also a Newcastle Utd supporter.
Eternal interests: I buy nearly all their records and hope to see them some time. My favorite band member is Kéllé, but I also like Easther and Vernie.
Other artists: Eternal and the Prodigy are my favourites. Also TLC, Michelle Gayle, SWV etc. and most underground dance music.

Name: Gearoid Farrelly
City/Country: Dublin, Ireland
Short biography: I am 18 years old and I am studying for a business studies degree at Dublin Institute of Technology, and I work part time in McDonalds and hate it with a passion!!!
Eternal interests: I really want to get a signed photo, hopefully the fanclub can help me there.
Other artists: Niamh Kavanagh, Sonia, Dina Carroll, Michelle Gayle, I met her! Vanessa Mae, Those 2girls - I could go on and on!!!

Name: Martin John Hooper
Short biography: I am 26 years old and I am studying HND Computing at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England.
Eternal interests:
Other artists: Jean Michel Jarre. I like all sorts of music.

Name: Amir Hussan
City/Country: Bristol, England
Short biography: I'm a 19 year old male, currently studying for a degree in Computer Science + Maths at the University of Bristol. I'm interested in music (obviously), science fiction and computer stuff... in fact, I've recently become hooked on IRC; so if you want to find me and have a chat, I call myself "Psycho".
Eternal interests: I think Eternal (and Louise) are excellent! (Why else would I be in this list?) I collect whatever I can that has something to do with 'em, be it CDs, videos, magazine articles...
Other artists: I'm into rock, dance, soul/r&b, indie/"Britpop"... everything really. But my fave artists (apart from Eternal) include Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan and Bon Jovi.

Name: Joe Israel
City/Country: Cape Town, South Africa
Short biography: I am 22 years old and a qualified cost accountant. I like reading, movies, sport and going to the beach. I especially like soccer (Man Utd) and cricket.
Eternal interests: I collect all Eternal stuff and tape all the TV performances.
Other artists: Mariah Carey, Karyn White, TLC, and mostly R&B and dance.

Name: Lars Janssen
City/Country: Brighton, England
Short biography: I'm 23 years old and male. I currently work for my local newspaper, in production (making up pages, advertisements etc.). My main interests are computers (programming, Internet) and of course I love music!
Eternal interests: I run this Eternal web site and co-moderate the mailing list. I'm also a serious collector of Eternal CD's and videos.
Other artists: Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Prince, Kylie, Ice-T, Nine Inch Nails (and dozens more!)

Name: Louise McClements
City/Country: I live in Singapore but come from bonnie Scotland!
Short biography: I am a student in Singapore, 15 years old and have lived here for 8 months. I am from Scotland and used to live in a town called Stonehaven near Aberdeen. I speak English, French and Japanese.
Eternal interests:
Other artists: Shampoo, Rezarection, Def Leppard, PJ & Duncan. I love rave, heavy metal and dance.

Name: Andrew McGregor
City/Country: Edinburgh, UK
Short biography: Study BSc Computing at Napier University
Eternal interests: Like all the group, particularly Easther
Other artists: All Saints (hope to have a website soon!), Louise, Spice Girls, Natalie Imbruglia, Oasis, The Verve and lots more.

Name: Sam McNulty
City/Country: Leicester, England
Short biography: I am 15 years old, male, and go to Bosworth College which is such a great school it's unbelieveable. I enjoy going out to the cinema, bowling and going clubbing (well on the under 18's nights anyway).
Eternal interests: I love going to see Eternal and I've got both albums and a couple of singles.
Other artists: I like Mariah, Deuce, The Lightning Seeds, Oasis, Louise & Eternal (and loads of others).

Name: Gregg Nicholson
City/Country: Term time in Norwich, Norfolk, England, home in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England
Short biography: I'm an 18 year old first year student at the University of East Anglia (UEA), doing Maths with Environmental Science, and loving it!
Eternal interests: Eternal are my joint favourite band, I love them! I've seen them twice, and am seeing them at Sheffield City Hall. I also like Power Of A Woman better than Always And Forever.
Other artists: Mariah Carey, TLC, Boyz II Men, Brownstone. However, my other main musical interest is Britpop/indie. I have seen/am seeing Pulp, Blur, Gene, Echobelly, Supergrass, Shed Seven, the Bluetones and Garbage.

Name: Andrew Robinson
City/Country: Coventry, England
Short biography: I am a 19 year old male, studying a politics and history degree at Warwick. I am from Lancashire, and as well as music and films I like clubbing and Rugby League/union.
Eternal interests: Eternal are one of my favourite bands. My favourite member is Kéllé and they're just as good without Louise (who is good as well). I collect CD's, vinyl, pictures etc.... My favourite Eternal song is the last one, I Am Blessed and before that it was Just a Step From Heaven.
Other artists: As well as Eternal, I love Whitney Houston and also like Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, Guns N' Roses, Janet Jackson, Meat Loaf, The Beatles, and I'm a massive Oasis fan.

Name: Anthony Roden
City/Country: Manchester, England
Short biography: I'm 15 years of age and still at school. I have my own homepage. It includes a Louise page and an Eternal page.
Eternal interests: I like listening to their songs, seeing them live and taping things when there on TV.
Other artists: The other artists I like are Oasis, Eternal (of course), Whigfield, The Prodigy, (old groups) ABBA, The Beatles, John Lennon.

Name: Arno Schoeman
City/Country: A small city called Veenendaal in the Netherlands
Short biography: I'm 17 years old. My hobbies are playing basketball, surfing the net and listening to music.
Eternal interests: I collect all their music and I tape all their TV appearances.
Other artists: I love rap and R&B. My favourite artists are LL Cool J, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Brandy and Eternal of course.

Name: Max Smith
City/Country: Christchurch, New Zealand
Short biography: I lived in London, England until 1995. I'm now a high school student here in Christchurch. I enjoy my languages (French, Japanese) the most. I collect rare/promo/single CDs cuz I love music!
Eternal interests: I really like dance remixes...
Other artists: Janet, Deborah Cox, Deep Forest, and others. I like a wide range of music: rap, R&B, soul, hip-hop, dance

Name: Gareth Streeter
City/Country: Plymouth/United Kingdom
Short biography: Mad fan of Eternal, Louise and all music! Likes computers, socialising and I am a commited Christian!!!
Eternal interests: My favourite is Vernie, but I really like Easther, Kéllé and Louise as well! My favourite songs are Crazy, I Am Blessed, So Good, Who are You? and Its Never to Late!
Other artists: Well Louise of course, Madonna is a big fave, and I wait for the return of the long forgotten Betty Boo!

Name: Claire Thorpe
City/Country: Hertfordshire, England (I live in a town called Royston)
Short biography: I'm 11 years old and I like music and English (I'm still at school).
Eternal interests: I like listening to their music, reading about them, sticking posters up on the wall, and I'd love to see them live!
Other artists: Louise, Boyzone, Michelle Gayle, Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, 3T, East 17, Janet Jackson, Take That, Robbie Williams and loads more (Oasis, Blur etc!)

Name: Janet Valentine
City/Country: Manchester, England
Short biography: I am 33 years old and have worked at Manchester University Library for 12 years. Currently I am in Cataloguing and also spend an hour a day out at the main enquiry desk. Apart from Eternal, I am also loopy about Manchester Storm Ice Hockey Team. I like to ice skate and I teach adult literacy on a part time, voluntary basis.
Eternal interests: On the lookout for any 12" singles and imports.
Other artists: I have quite wide musical tastes but Eternal are my absolute all time favourites.

Name: Marvin v/d Weyde
City/Country: Delft, Netherlands
Short biography: I'm 14 years old, and make music
Eternal interests: They looking gorgeus and make great music. My favorite member is Easther.
Other artists: Toni Braxton, Bob Marley, TLC, The Honeyz, Brandy, Monica, Louise and R&B and Reggea music

Name: Dave Wallace
City/Country: Stockport (nr. Manchester), England
Short biography: I'm a 16 year old student who like music (anything to do with Soul/R&B, Rap).
Eternal interests: I buy every single Eternal album or single and some imports. Before The Rain is my favourite album and I like to see Eternal at least twice on each tour they do.
Other artists: Eternal always come top along with Louise but others I like are Puff Daddy, Mase, Janet, Mariah Carey, Blackstreet, Allure and of course BeBe Winans!

Name: Robin Wessels
City/Country: Enschede, in the East of The Netherlands
Short biography: I was born in Enschede, in a few days 21 years ago. I'm studying Technical Physics at the University of Twente in Enschede. After that I'd like to do something with music.
Eternal interests: I collect everything I can get regarding Eternal. Also I'm maintaining an Eternal and Louise page (not as large and good as Lars' page) which is now at a temporary location (until I can find more space somewhere else).
Other artists: I'm a huge admirer of female soul, pop, rock and world music (favorite singers: Chante Moore, Sophie B. Hawkins, Frances Ruffelle, Sade, Kim Wilde, Eternal, Karyn White and lots more). Also I'm a big fan of Jean-Michel Jarre and Michael Cretu / Enigma.

Name: Lee Woods
City/Country: Harlow, Essex, UK
Short biography: I am 23 years old and I work for Virgin Retail. I have two degrees, both in Psychology.
Eternal interests: Er, I buy their records...
Other artists: Saint Etienne, Kylie, Alanis Morissette, Deuce, Garbage, The Cardigans, Radiohead, Billie Ray Martin, Madonna.

Name: Simon Wright
City/Country: London, England
Short biography: I am 20 years old now (2nd of Feb, same as Michelle Gayle). I work in a dead-end job with no prospects and no future. I like reading horror stories, going to the cinema and drawing.
Eternal interests: I just buy their records.
Other artists: Ice Cube, Coolio, TLC, Michelle Gayle, Jodeci and any decent R&B and Rap music.