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Kéllé Bryan Kéllé is the youngest member of Eternal. Always the playful one, it is Kéllé who most gets involved with the audience during live performances.

She attended the Italia Conti School where she met Louise, and is a professional dancer. Her training often proves useful when it comes to choreographing some of those famous Eternal dance routines. She also writes (and performs) the rap parts for some of Eternal's songs.

Away from showbiz, it is said Kéllé once had a minor problem with her eating. Fortunately, she was helped onto the road to recovery by none other than Jason Orange (ex Take That member). She has also been diagnosed as asthmatic, and yet it seems there's no stopping this energetic young lady. She continually dazzles audiences with her bright personality and energetic dance routines.

Fact File

Full name: Kelle Bryan-Gudgeon
Former name: Kéllé Bryan
Date of birth: 12th March, 1975
Comes from: South London
Music: Likes Bob Marley, Boyz II Men, REM
Movies: Likes Stargate
Actors/actresss: Likes Blair Underwood, Denzel Washington, Whoopie Goldberg
Food/Drink: Likes mineral water
Other Interests: Sports - swimming, and keeping fit at the gym
Other Info: Kéllé has a diploma in modern dance.
She has no brothers or sisters. Distinguishing features include three tattoos on various parts of her body!

Kéllé's greatest "Power Of A Woman"

Kéllé has a wonderful on-screen and on-stage personality, always smiling and having a laugh. She truly reaches out to the fans during performances, and between shows devotes much of her time to replying to their letters.

Quotes: things Kéllé has said

"My heart told me desperately that I wanted to go with her [Louise] and be a duo, but my head told me I couldn't go through life holding onto somebody's hand."
- taken from Smash Hits, 13th-26th September 1995

"Friends are really important to me, especially true friends, who I can trust. They're rare and I cherish them."
- taken from Top Of The Pops Magazine, Issue #1, March 1995

Since the Eternal days...

In 1999 she tried to start a solo career, releasing the single "Higher Than Heaven". This was to be followed by an album, "Breakfast In Bed", but that was never released.

In 2000, Kéllé became a celebrity patron of the Saint Thomas Lupus Trust, following her diagnosis with the disease from which she subsequently recovered.

She formed her own management company, Red Hot Entertainment, and has made a number of television appearances including "Love Island" (ITV), "Me & Mrs Jones" (BBC1) and "Rocket's Island" (CBBC).

Kéllé married Jay Gudgeon in September 2010. In 2011 they had a baby boy, Regan, and in 2013 announced that another child is on the way.

Kéllé online

Kéllé has an official site, as well as the usual social networking profiles.