"Angel Of Mine"

Review of "Angel Of Mine", the single
By: Lucas Orro
Date: 21st October, 1997

I first listened to this song as soon as I arrived home from a long holiday in Spain with my family. Two weeks later when the single was on sale at shops I brought the CD with remixes hoping they would sound good and listened to it at friends house.

The most important is the original mix done by the girls themselves. My first impressions of the song were that it was very mellow, sweet with a slow violin or guitar string style of music, with soothing deep vocals.

The song is good but not the best made by the girls. The girls are getting mellower with their songs but this single will make no improvement. The song by the girls which made a very, very big improvement was 'I Wanna Be The Only One'.

Apart from that, the song will never put you off when you listen to it!

1. 'Angel of mine' (Original Mix) - 6 out of 10.
2. 'Dreams' (Frankie Cutlass Remix) - 8 out of 10.