Easther and I... an Eternal story

Easther and I... an Eternal story
By: Lianne Williams
Date: 7th July, 1997

I was out buying my copy of Top Of The Pops when I heard someone faintly singing Amazing Grace. I looked round and I saw a young woman standing in the corner... I thought I recognised her so I went up and politely said Who Are You?

Oops, silly me I thought as I realised who it was... It was Easther in disguise.

"What you doing here?" I asked her.

"Well Lianne I'm actually looking for you" she said. Easther and I had been friends for years and I hadn't seen her in a while, so I invited her round to my house for a chat.

We drove to my house in my car and I asked her why she was looking for me and why she was in disguise.

"I was looking for you because I wanted to talk to someone about a little problem I had and I can't think of anyone better to tell than you." I'm in diguise because if my fans see me I could end up singing autographs all day!"

"Well, You can tell me all about it when we get home" I said.

We arrived at my house and as it looked like it was about to rain I got my washing in Before The Rain. We sat down and after a while Easther started to describe her problem.

"It's Up To You Easther... you don't have to tell me y'know." Easther wanted to tell me, so I was there to listen!

Her story went like this...

"Well Lianne, if you think back about 12 Months ago you will remember that guy who I thought was a very good friend of mine.

"His name is Fred and although I thought he was just a friend he seemed to think that he meant more to me than that. He thought that I loved him... but I didn't!

"When I confronted him and told him I didn't love him, he took it very badly and started to pour his heart out to me."

"Well honestly Lianne I'd had enough. How could he think I loved him? I hadn't even led him on.

"'Look', I said to him... 'I'm Telling You Now I never loved you and I never will. You make loads of Promises but you never keep them, so, I'll Take A Pass On Love. Have a little Grace Under Pressure and accept the fact I don't love you!'

"This just made him worse."

"Then it Finally came out... of all the stupid things he could do he did the stupidest... he proposed!"

"Well I could take no more of his nonsense Lianne, so I got up and walked away. As I was walking away he shouted to me 'Don't You Love Me'??? He still hadn't got the message and I was sick of telling him.

"That was over a month ago now but I still had to tell someone about it. Apart from one message on my answering machine I haven't seen or heard of him in ages."

"What did the message on your answering machine say?" I asked.

"Well, all he said was I'm Still Crying!!!"

"Thats some story Easther. C'mon we'll go and listen to some music and you can Stay the night."

It was So Good to see Easther again and we shared a few Secrets before the end of the night. The last song that was played was Redemption Song and then I switched the CD player off and we fell asleep.

"After all, A Friend Is A Friend and I will always be there for Easther!!!"