"Before The Rain"

Review of "Before The Rain", the album
By: Lianne Williams
Date: 24th June, 1997

Eternal's third album is 'Before The Rain' and it just seems to get better and better for Eternal. The albums get stronger in R&B as they are released so the next album should be great!

This album is my favourite and I know it is a favourite of many others. Eternal do it every time - they produce great songs, which of course leads to a stunning album. With each new album the girls get a new image and the image they have just now is gorgeous!

The album includes the powerful, controversial song 'Don't You Love Me'. But how anyone wouldn't love Eternal is beyond me. The album also includes the chart topper 'I Wanna Be The Only One'. Other tracks include the soon to be released 'How Many Tears', which I'm sure will be just as sucessful as the other two songs!

The album, becuase it has more of a R&B and soul feel, has a lot more of the slower tracks like 'Someday' and 'Grace Under Pressure'. All of the tracks are great and very powerful.

Eternal have established themselves as one of the world's best groups and it is hardly surprising if they keep coming up with great albums like this. This time Eternal haven't made an album to suit everybody but most people will love it anyway.

On 'Before The Rain', unlike previous albums, Vernie and Kéllé have taken a lead role and proved that it isn't just Easther who has a beautiful voice.

Kéllé wrote two of the tracks and sings lead vocals on both. They are 'I'm Still Crying', which Kéllé dedicates to her mother, and 'All My Love', which has G-Man (reportedly her boyfriend) talking on it. Both tracks are excellent and I love them both.

Vernie sings lead vocals on 'What Do You Mean When You Say'. She also has been blessed with a beautiful voice, only hers is softer than that of her sister, Easther.

Eternal wrote over half the tracks on the album themselves and it has to be said, this has been their most impressive album yet!