Talking to Eternal on the global phone-in

Talking to Eternal on the global phone-in
By: Mattias Athley
Date: 3rd December, 1997

The Eternal moment of the year must have been when 'I Wanna Be The Only One' entered the charts at number one, but the BBC World Service 'Pop On The Line Global Phone-In' on 23 November was a definite highlight as well. Fans from all over the world, including several from the Eternal Mailing List, had the opportunity to ask their questions. Easther, Vernie and Kelle gave some informative and highly entertaining answers!

I had my fair share of fun, congratulating Easther on her 25th birthday, which is on 11th December. She was obviously taken by surprise, and it caused some extensive laughter in the studio.

The answer to my question, 'which territories do they most enjoy visiting?' may not have been Sweden, but I still got confirmation that Eternal will perform on a TV gala in Sweden just before Christmas! Lynn Parsons, the presenter, caused a bit of embarrassment when she said "That's to look forward to. Maybe you'll see Easther before her birthday." and I went "Yeah!", hmmm...

Anywayz, thumbs up for Vernie, who got the pronounciation of my name right!

Basically, I had a laugh and the girls showed what great personalities they are. They do have a very good portion of humour, to say the least! :-)

Let's hope for more uplifting happenings like this in the future!

Mattias Athley, Jnkping, Sweden