"Eternal - The Greatest Clips"

Review of "Eternal - The Greatest Clips"
By: Sarah Hodges
Date: 27th November, 1997

Yipppeee I got the Greatest Hits video today! I was expecting it to be all the videos of the songs they've released, and only that, so I didn't think I'd be getting anything new... but as usual I was wrong! It's fab!

The girls talk through most of it, about family, music, life etc... they are sitting with many of their relatives, and its good to put a face to a name at last!!! Kéllé's mum looks soooo young! And check out the girls' nephews and nieces, they are the sweetest ever.

You also get to see the girls in action... on their rollerskates, and Easther riding her bike while attempting to talk to the camera! Easier said than done I reckon! They show 'Someday' live from the 'Before The Rain' tour, although I'm not too sure what venue it is from - most probably Wembley Arena, but I can't be sure. They also show 'Crazy' from the tour, but they play the song with Louise's vocals which looks a bit strange 'coz Kéllé is singing! You'll get what I mean if you watch the vid.

Its great for fans who haven't had a chance to video some clips of the girls as there are lots of clips from Top of The Pops etc. put together. Also there's an exclusive video which wasn't released here, to the song 'Finally' which was released in Japan only.

'The Greatest Clips' is suprisingly different to the 'Always and Forever' video. Firstly it has more of a 'grown up' feel to it, which isn't suprising seeing as they are all three or so years older on here! You get more of an insight into what the girls are really like, and they talk freely and openly. By the looks of things they are just as lovely as you'd expect them to be!!

But hey its a brilliant vid, well worth its �12.99 price tag (in some shops!) Well done girls!!!