Eternal on the National Lottery

"Seeing Eternal on the Lottery show"
By: Christina Sparshott
Date: 24th May, 1997

Some people have been writing to me asking if the girl holding up the green number one in the audience for the Lottery, right at the end, was me... the answer is "Yes!" I got on TV and I'm happy!

Christina We were waiting outside for the gals at about 1pm, and after we'd met them, about 2 hours later, Oliver came out and he told us that they had sold a quarter of a million copies of "I Wanna Be The Only One"!

We were jumping up and down and screaming, and he was joining in! After he left, we decided to make some fluorescent coloured number ones to hold up while Eternal were singing. We saw Bebe waiting in the wings about ten minutes before they went on, and as we were holding the numbers up to him he was wetting himself laughing!

He then came out and went along the front row shaking all our hands, 'cos we were all mad Eternal fans. Vernie looked dead worried as they started walking on stage, but Bebe dived into the audience to say 'hi' to us all! I shook his hand, and he kissed it!

Sorry, I'm still in shock! As soon as I saw Vernie, I waved my number one at her, and she started laughing. During the song, the gals refused to look at us, because we were so off-putting!

Everyone who went to the concerts will know about the dance during "I Wanna Be The Only One", but the girls themselves don't actually do it. They started creasing up when they saw the whole of the front row doing it! It was such a laugh and they were all in such a good mood.

Kéllé nearly started crying, and the gals came over to us at the end and kept saying "thanks". Vernie said "It's not just our single, it's your single too, thankyou so much for getting us to Number One, we love you!" It was soooooo cool! They wouldn't stop thanking us!

As Bebe went past in his car afterwards, he'd somehow got hold of my green number one, and he was waving at me out of the window!

We ran after him down the road and he was shouting to us from the window - it ruled, and was one of the best nights I've ever had!