"Before The Rain" tour

Review of "Before The Rain" tour & meeting Eternal!
By: Amir Hussan
Date: 9th April, 1997

Am I in a happy mood today or what?! Having seen Eternal at Wembley last Friday, I again had the chance to see them last night in Cardiff. I have to say it was so much better, what with me being nearer the front and surrounded by like minded, over-enthusiastic fans!

The Cardiff Arena was completely packed, unlike Wembley Arena which was several times larger and around three quarters full. Perhaps they should stick to smaller venues in future?

As for the support acts, Lorraine Cato was great (and her hair definitely looks better than it was for her first single!), but unfortunately at Cardiff she only sung two songs. I have to admit I quite liked Human Nature's more 'vocal' songs - I wonder if they'll make it over here?

Anyway, the highlight of last night for me was after the show. Waiting around the back of the Arena, after about 45 minutes a jeep started to leave... and Easther and Vernie were in it!!! (Easther in the front passenger seat, Vernie in the back) Some security guards started yelling at us to clear the way for it to leave, and as it was about to hit the main road, it stopped. The driver spoke out of his window to one of the guards - apparantly the girls could do a couple of minutes of signing... so Easther and Vernie opened their windows and there was a mad rush as everyone scrambled towards the jeep!

Luckily I was near the front of the people-pile-up... I may be quite short, but I have a fairly long reach, and managed to stick my hand out to the front while holding a tour programme. I was shaking so much I almost dropped it, but Easther took it and signed the front!

I managed to tell her I thought the concert was great and she replied "Thank you!" As she handed it back to me I somehow managed to turn the page and brandished it in front of Vernie's window. She took it and signed the picture on the third page! "Thank you!" was all I could say as she handed it back to me...

After another minute of incredible squashing, crushing and scrambling, the security guards told us to move away and the jeep drove off. Everyone waved goodbye, and Easther and Vernie waved back. A few seconds later another jeep drove by with Kéllé in the front passenger seat. Unfortunately they didn't stop, but Kéllé did wave to us all...

So that was that, one of my dreams finally came true (almost) by meeting Easther and Vernie face to face!! The last time I felt this happy was when I met Louise last summer. It's an incredible buzz, meeting your idols - everyone should try it some time!