"Don't You Love Me"

Review of "Don't You Love Me (Mark's Epic Dream House Vocal Mix)".
By: Lucas Orro
Date: 21st October, 1997

Since I'm a fan of house music, apart from listening to soul and others, I was very interested in what this remix sounded like.

When I first listened to the remix of this song, the first thing I remember was the intro, a continual beat with Easther starting off the song with her beautiful deep vocals, followed by background vocals from Vernie and Kéllé.

When listening to the start of the song it did not excite me, but after listening to the song further it began to make me listen to it more and get to the sound of the music.

The remix is a typical sound of house music re-made from soul music. It is not the best house remix of an artist I have heard but it will make you listen to it.

The way in which I describe this remix is medium tempo with a mellow sounding stage and harsh beating sounds.

Score for this remix: 6 out of 10.