Live at the Stockholm Water Festival

Eternal live at the Stockholm Water Festival, Sweden
By: Marisa
Date: 27th August, 1997

The annual Okej-day at Stockholm Water Festival, Sweden on 10th August was a big success, although many good bands had to cancel their performances.

Luckily Eternal kept their promise and had the honour to end the whole show with their absolutely brilliant performance. With their - as the magazines here call it"sophisticated soul" they were the best singers of the evening.

They were wearing black and white outfits, and I had a hard time recognising Easther with her hair all pulled back in a pony-tail. They began with Power Of A Woman, and continued with Someday, Don't You Love Me and last but not least I Wanna Be The Only One, though without Bebe Winans, who was replaced by someone unknown to me.

Half the crowd had gone to get autographs from Paradisio (they were given after every performance by the respective bands) as Eternal came out. This left the audience half-empty, but enabled those of us who really like Eternal's music to see them so much better, so I shouldn't complain!

All in all it was a wonderful evening, and the Eternal party was rumoured to be heading over to Norway the next day, completing their little Scandinavian tour. That was it from me, Marisa! (aka my).