"Power Of A Woman"

Review of "Power Of A Woman", the album
By: Lianne Williams
Date: 24th June, 1997

'Power Of A Woman' was the second album released by Eternal and in my opinion it was considerabley different to their first album. Eternal went through a lot of changes before the release of this album, and to have been through so much they certainly showed people that they were here to stay for a long time yet!

The first change was that of the sad departure of Louise. Eternal became a three member band, and so to change things completely they changed their image as well.

The album was released on the 13th of October 1995 and, with their popularity already established, it didn't take long for it to peak in the charts at number 6. The album had a much stronger R&B feel to it and that is the type of band Eternal are.

The CD included a song previously released as a taster for the album, 'Power Of A Woman'. There were songs on the album that Eternal later went on to release and had great sucess with, like 'I am Blessed' and 'Good Thing'.

The album includes many more of the slower, soppier songs, like 'Redemption Song' and a song written by BeBe Winans, 'It Will Never End', which is a personal favourite.

When you listen to this album, most of the songs make you want to just sit back and relax, although there are songs which will have you up and dancin' like 'Who Are You' and 'Hurry Up'.

So, Eternal have done it again! They've produced an album which is suited to almost everyone!

They also satisfied the fans by giving them another great album and a great collection of songs to listen to. Still any fan could listen to any Eternal song and love it - it's just a talent that fans have of choosing good music!