What Eternal Mean To Us!

What Eternal Mean To Us!
By: David Balls and Theo Currie
Date: 27th November, 1997

We both first started liking Eternal in September 1995, just at the release of their first single as a trio "Power Of A Woman". It was in the morning when we got Smash Hits sent to us, flipped to the middle page, and there were the lyrics for Power Of A Woman. We both remebered this was the song we had heard the other day - we'd totally fallen for the song! We had heard other Eternal songs before but not really paid much attention.

Back then we did not pay much attention to Eternal, but when they released their Christmas single, "I Am Blessed", we both loved it so much, and sang it at every possible moment!

We kept up to date on the Eternal front, finding out their chart positions, putting up posters of them, and voting for them on the radio. We really started to love them more and more.

It was January 15th this year that I (David) joined the Eternal mailing list. It was so wicked talking about them all the time. It is such a friendly place with hardly ever any arguments, and when there are, they are very petty. The Eternal Mailing List was so nice, like having a chat with your closest mates.

Thanks to this site I would not have ever heard about it, and I am still not at all bored with it. I find it very hard not to collect my mail every day. People do not realise how much pleasure Eternal bring to our lives - they are three girls not many people will ever forget!