1995 POAW Survey Results

Question 1 - Your favourite Eternal song

Here are the songs with scores of at least 6. Not surprisingly, there are many old favourites in there... does this mean we haven't yet learned to fully appreciate Power Of A Woman?

  1. Just A Step From Heaven
  2. Save Our Love
  3. Stay
  4. Power Of A Woman
  5. I Am Blessed
  6. Oh Baby I...
 =7. Crazy
 =7. So Good

Question 2 - Your favourite Eternal video

Already Power Of A Woman has proven to be as popular as the superb Just A Step From Heaven video... a definite thumbs up for Eternal's new image!

 =1. Just A Step From Heaven
 =1. Power Of A Woman
 =3. Oh Baby I...
 =3. Save Our Love
  5. Stay

Question 3 - Your favourite (ex-)member of the group

Most of you couldn't chose a favourite member. Not surprising really seeing as they're all so lovely. :-)

  1. Kéllé
 =2. Easther
 =2. Vernie
 =2. Louise

Question 4 - Which Eternal singles/albums/videos do you own?

For each release listed, I've worked out the percentage of respondants who said they have it.

  Stay                      73%
  Save Our Love             55%
  Just A Step From Heaven   91%
  So Good                   73%
  Oh Baby I...              64%
  Crazy                     73%
  Power Of A Woman          82%
  I Am Blessed              55%
  Always & Forever          91%
  Power Of A Woman          82%
  Tapestry Revisited         9%
  Always & Forever          73%

Question 5 - Do you own original copies?

We have some serious music collectors out there - everyone who responed has originals of all, or at least most, of their Eternal stuff.

I own original copies of everything  82%
Mostly originals, but some copies    18%

Question 6 - Which formats do you buy?

CD is the clear favourite here. It doesn't add up to 100% because some people regularly buy more than one format.

Compact disc:  91%
Cassette:      27%
Vinyl:         27%

Question 7 - Have you seen Eternal live?

Quite a few of you have seen Eternal live... hopefully more will say Yes after Eternal's tour early next year.

No    64%
Yes   36%

Question 8 - What was your favourite Eternal TV appearance?

No individual performance proved to be a clear favourite, but 36% of you said you liked seeing Eternal on Top Of The Pops.

Question 9 - Who are your favourite artists?

Incredibly, only one artist apart from Eternal scored more than 5 points - it seems like we have a lot of Mariah Carey fans around here (myself included)!

As for Louise,, she didn't get any votes as an artist in her own right - either you don't like her, or (I hope) you included her with Eternal.

  1. Eternal
  2. Mariah Carey

Question 10 - What's your favourite current song?

Again, there were few clear favourites apart from (not surprsingly) Eternal...

  1. I Am Blessed - Eternal
  2. One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
  3. I Wish - Skee-lo
  4. Gangster's Paradise - Coolio featuring LV

Question 11 - How long have you been using the Internet?

Not long it seems...

Shortest:  2 months
Average:   9 months
Longest:   2 years

Question 12 - Which parts of the Internet can you use?

I was surprised at how few people read newsgroups or use FTP.

E-mail:            100%
FTP:               55%
IRC:               18%
Telnet:            73%
Usenet/newsgroups: 36%
WWW:               100%

Question 13 - Which gender are you?

Disappointingly few female fans responded. The low figure is probably more representative of the people who use the Internet than Eternal fans as a whole.

Male    91%
Female   9%

Question 14 - How old are you?

You're the same age as me on average! :-) As with the gender question, the results are probably influenced more by the Internet than by Eternal.

Youngest: 18
Average:  22
Oldest:   32

Question 15 - Which country do you come from?

A very strong bias towards the UK here, although there are people from sevaral other countries on the mailing list.

UK            91%
Netherlands    9%