28th January 1996 (by Leslie Bunder)

Star Talk

Kéllé from Eternal

In less than three years, South London born-and-bred Eternal have gone from local wonders into a national institution of the highest level!

Eternal are Britain's top all-girl group. Even the Pope love's 'em - he invited the girls to the Vatican.
"It was an honour to meet him" Kéllé says.
So did you talk Polish? "No, but thankfully he speaks very good English," she adds.

With the dosh made from all their hits, what has Kéllé gone and bought?
Well there's a house. "It's in the country," Kéllé says, without revealing the location just in case some crazed fan visits her for tea!
Then there's the telly: "It has a massive 41-inch screen with stereo and all that! I love watching films on it as I don't really go out to the cinema," she admits.

One of the hottest bits of news that Kéllé revealed was that the girls have recorded a song for Dirty Dancing 2.
"It's a ballad called Some People Say," she says. "All of us loved the first Dirty Dancing and it was great to be invited to take part in the sequel."
So what types of films does Kéllé enjoy? "I like films that go with my mood."

Eternal have played in almost every country in the world - so does Kéllé have a fave?
"I love Canada. The people are friendly and have been very supportive of us," Kéllé says. "I also have family there."
And foreign language? "I can get by in French as I learned it in school," she says. "And I can speak a bit of Italian."

Before Eternal, Kéllé had a part-time job working as a waitress in Essex.
"I worked at Lakeside, Thurrock." So does Kéllé think there should be a minimum wage for workers?
"It sounds a very positive idea to me," she says.
Kéllé is also very socially aware: "We try and support causes such as AIDS and Sickle Cell."

Kéllé has given up eating animals and is now a bit of a veggie.
"I won't touch a plate or cutlery which I know has been used for meat or fish," she reveals.
Is it easy being veggie? "Not always, I had a bad experience at a pizza restaurant recently. I ordered a vegetarian special, took a bite and threw up - there was pork in it!"