BIG!, 5 March - 18 March 1997


Easther from Eternal

Tell us about your first boyfriend...
"I dated this lovely bloke from Croydon when I was 15. He was perfect until he dumped me and I was absolutely heartbroken. He wouldn't give me a reason and that was the worst thing about it. I was absolutely gutted and he just said, 'It's not you it's me, I need some space.' It was terrible. I thought I loved him, now I realise I didn't at all."

Have you had your heart broken many times?
"A few. But to be honest I haven't had that many serious relationships."

Why's that?
"Because doing this job you're never in one place long enough. I can arrange to go out with someone and then I'd have to phone and say, 'Sorry I'm doing a TV show tonight,' or whatever. It's always best to go out with someone who's in this business cos they know what it's like."

Like Shane from Boyzone...
"Haha. I'm not going out with him. Can I just say once and for all we're not an item. I count him as a good friend and yes we do go out but as mates. We're often spotted out with Boyzone and we really don't care any more. I'll never stop hanging out with Shane just because people think I'm his girlfriend. Both Shane and Ronan are very good friends. It's all such old news, I don't even think about it now."

Does Vernie?
"Nah, some of the rumours about her are sooo silly. We read she was getting married to him one week and the next week she's leaving the country cos the relationship is over. It's just stupid."

Does it upset you?
"It used to but now it's all so old and boring. At the end of the day it's gossip - the truth is we're friends. End of story."

Do you have a boyfriend?
"No, not at the moment. I'm enjoying being single."

Can you see yourself getting married one day?
"Yeah, I'd love to. I'd love to have a really big white wedding with loads of bridesmaids and stuff. I want loads of kids running round a huge house in the country."

What's your idea of a red-hot date?
"I'd love to get on a plane and go somewhere hot and steamy. I'd love to be whisked away to the Bahamas. When it was Valentine's Day I really wanted to be taken off somewhere but I wasn't going out with anyone so there was no-one to take me."

So it wasn't a good Valentine's Day...
"I've never had a good Valentine's Day. For the last two I've been single and when I wasn't it was rubbish. This year I sent my best friend a card, and that was it."

Was it Shane?
"No, and I wouldn't tell you even if it was. Haha."

Are you romantic?
"Yeah. I think it's important to make an effort especially if you've been with someone for a while."

Which pop star do you fancy?
"This is going to sound a bit weird cos it's Tupac Shakur (a tough rapper who was recently shot dead). I think he was lovely. His music is wicked."

Are you chatted up by a lot of pop stars?
"No never. That wouldn't happen because pop people are the biggest bunch of gossips. They'd go out with you but then they'd turn around and say, 'Guess who I went out with...' If you went out with a star they might sell your story to the papers and then everything would go wrong."

So is that why you don't go out with Shane?
"He's just my friend and I know he'd never gossip. He's not like that."

Who was the last person you snogged?
"My ex-boyfriend and that was a while ago. We split up eight months ago but I still see him occasionally and we still chat on the phone."

Do you always stay friends with your exes?
"Yeah I do but that's only because I always go out with people who were friends before I dated them. I'd never go out with someone I've only met once."

Not even Shane?
"Arrrgh, no!"

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