Top of the Pops magazine, December 1995

The Power Of Three

What a year! Eternal may have lost Louise, but they've proved that three is definitely a crowd pleaser. TOTP caught up with Kéllé to talk about life after Lou, America and the trio er, 'getting their tits out...'...Yikes!

When Power Of A Woman was released, were you worried that you'd been out of the limelight too long?
No, because in all that time we were busy - touring and working on our new album - and it wasn't as if Eternal were in the back burner. It does feel great to be back, although it was nice to have a bit of a breather away from the public eye. It made it easier to do all the basic things, like shopping!

We keep hearing rumours that Eternal might be moving to the USA. Are we about to lose you?
No, not for now! We're more than happy living in the UK. About half of the album was recorded in the States, and although Vernie loves it there, I personally don't think it's so special. There's a lot of violence, and I could never imagine bringing up kids there. I certainly don't have plans to move just yet!

How does fame affect your relationships?
What relationships? We don't have them! We're never in one place long enough! It's not that I don't want one - I would love to have a good, strong relationship. It's just that our careers don't make it easy. I'm sure it will be possible one day, but I can't see just when yet.

Are you used to life without Louise now?
Yeah, but I still miss her terribly. We talk all the time on the phone and I'm contributing to one of the tracks on her new album. Even now, I occasionally forget she's gone and slip up by talking about us as a four-piece.

Do you ever feel the odd one out now, with Vernie and Easther being sisters?
Not at all. In some ways I'm closer to Vernie than Easther is. But there's no taking sides. It's not like that for the four-hey, did you here that-I mean, the three of us.

If the three of you never get on each others nerves, what does make your blood boil?
I hate falseness and people saying something just for effect. People were quite hard on us for the Power of a Woman video when they said 'oh look. Eternal are getting their tits out.' That just shows no understanding of where we come from. We've matured a lot since our last album and that's going to show in our music and our image.