Radio 1's "The Net", 13th June 1996, 6:15pm

["Someday" playing in background]

This is Eternal with the theme song to the next Disney cartoon epic 'Hunchback Of Notre Dame'. The girls were only signed up to do the track on Monday of this week, and they've spent the last two days recording the song from scratch. What you're listening to is an unfinished version. This afternoon Easther, Kéllé and Vernie are still in the studio putting the finishing touches to it, but they did take time out to tell The Net more about the project.

Vernie: We finished about... well, we haven't finished, but we did the last bit of the vocals about two, three o' clock in the morning, went home and we're back here. The song is a great song, we would've picked it anyway if someone else had offered it to us, but erm, Disney came along and showed us this song and we said we'd love to record it.
Easther: 'Cos when we first heard it we were like, it's a very beautiful song, and it's something that we really dearly wanted to work on also.
Kéllé: I think Eternal and Disney is a great combination. We've been great Disney fans from childhood and still are, we always go to see the latest Disney films and we love 'em all, so for us it was a great opportunity.

The song, which is called Someday, will feature over the closing credits to the film on it's worldwide distribution. But it's not being used on the film in the States and Japan. Audiences there will hear a version of the same song by 'All 4 One'. Eternal say although it's a great honour, it means they'll have to put their plans to conquer the States on hold for the moment.

Kéllé: We're not on the US soundtrack, but for us at the moment we're really concentrating on the UK. We were thinking about doing the States this year, but we've changed the plans, as things do. We're just concentrating on the tour at the end of year, and perhaps going over there next year. All 4 One, we actually met them when we were doing 'Top Of The Pops' and we think they're great guys, and when we heard their version we were... you know, we were like, 'Oh, that's a great song.' Of course it's gonna be different, it's different vocalists, and a different interpretation, obviously Easther's got her own interpretation of singing the lead. The two songs are just different, you could never compare them and say one's better than the other, they're just different songs.

And the 'Hunchback Of Notre Dame' opens here on July 12th.