Smash Hits, 4 December - 17 December 1996


Remember that other girl band? You know, the ones who were a-jiggling about before the Spice Girls were a twinkle in their aunties' eyes (or summat). The ones who, as you read this, are swanking about by a pool in Los Angeles and recording their third LP. Yup, we're talking about Eternal, and who is this trilling down the transatlantic blower?
The divine Kéllé, no less. And this time, erm, she's angry!!!!!!!

"We're just so tired of people slating our music and saying we're a soft, wet, commercial band," Kéllé thunders. "On this album, we're making more of a statement. It's fantastic!"

Ker-blimey, what 'upfront' 'attitude'! But after a year of adjusting to her best mate Louise's exit from the cheesesome threesome, Kéllé means business.

"I've grown so much as an individual," she tells us proudly. "After Lou left, I just didn't know where to turn - it was like losing my right arm. But, a year later, I felt more confident and a bit more self-assured. She was always the last one I sat next to on the plane, the one I called up when I was feeling lonely. But I still see quite a lot of her. She only lives across the road." Well, that's all right, then.

The video to Secrets (Eternal's new single) apparently shows Eternal revealing their innermost desires (and no, it doesn't involve any Irish popsters).

"My secret's my tattoos!" shrieks the K. "I don't tend to make a big deal of them, but I've got one on my bum, one on my wrist and one on my ankle. I reveal them in the video."

What, you show your bum?!

"Well, maybe not that one," blushes Kéllé. Pah!

Kéllé's rumoured to have other skeletons a-clattering round in the 'closet'. Once and for all, is she going out with MN8's G-Man?

"I think G-Man's a good-looking bloke - he's really horny!" reckons Kéllé. "But I've got a boyfriend and it's not G-Man. I've heard he's said some nice things about me and I think that's lovely. He's a really lovely guy, with a great body, and we've been friends a long time."

Do you compare tattoos of a night?

"He hasn't got tattoos!"

How do you know?

"I've seen him a good few times and he would have, erm, said." Oh.

After the military 'chic' of Good thing and the cartoony 'antics' of the Someday vid, do Eternal have a new look for the Secrets vid?

"Yeah, it's a kind of silky, comfortable pyjama look," says Kéllé. "We've not bought any new hair-pieces, no. Mind you, you should see the next album's look." Crivens!

There's never a shortage of gossip around Eternal, and the current rumour is that Vernie's split up with Ronan.

"Since I couldn't comment that Ronan and Vernie were ever together in the first place, I can't comment on whether they've split up," mutters Kéllé.

Ahem, it seems there are some secrets Eternal aren't that keen to share...