Smash Hits, 20 November - 3 December 1996


File no: 004

PHOTO Agent Howard INTERVIEW Agent Anderson

Full Name: Kéllé Bryan

Date and place of birth: 12/3/75

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 8 stone 10

Distinguishing marks: 3 TATTOOS!!

Job: Entertainer

I do this job because...
It provides a taste of escapism and I enjoy it.

Earliest childhood memory:
Going on a family trip to London Zoo. It was a brilliant day and it's something I'll always remember.

Do you have a criminal record?
No - of course not!

First record you bought:
It was a Five Star record - I can't remember the title.

Last record you bought:
J Spencer (jazz). It's great.

First poster you put on your wall:
My mum wouldn't allow me to put posters on the wall, and I don't blame her - it ruins the wallpaper.

Describe yourself in five words:
Honest, warm, sensitive, spiritual, kind.

Worst item of clothing you've ever bought:
Cream linen trousers that were way too big!

Most embarrassing thing you've done recently:
I was walking down the King's Road in London wearing bright red platforms and I fell over!

What book are you reading at the moment?
Baby Father by Patrick Augustus (controversial book about a single parent bringing up his son)

Previous jobs:
Waitress and a sales assistant. Glamorous, eh?

Last film you saw:
Girl 6 (film about women working for pervy phonelines, starring Naomi Campbell among others).

Last dream you had:
It was last week and I was being chased by an evil being. I always wake up before he gets me.

Who do you fancy?
I really fancied Tupac. It was so sad when he was killed. I also have a crush on Denzel Washington.

What did you do last Saturday night?
Stayed in and watched Blind Date, eating a Chinese takeaway with my mum.

I would say I'm a good person because...
I try to be a better person every day. I do it for me, because it's much harder to be a good person than a bad one. I do good things for self satisfaction, not for praise and a pat on the back!

Rate your sexiness from one to five:
I enjoy being sexy and seductive, but it's hard to give it a number.

Rate your talent from one to five:
5. Any blessing from God gets five out of five.

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