Daily Mirror, 28th December 1994

Girl Crazy

Move over, guys - the girls are on top. For Eternal have just broken the record for the most hit singles from a debut album.

Since the all-girl group released Always And Forever more than a year ago, they have enjoyed six top 15 hits.

Their first single, Stay , soared to No 4 and they have since notched up five other hits including their latest, Crazy.

The four South london singers - sisters Easther , 21 and Vernie Bennett , 23, Louise Nurding , 19 and Kéllé Bryan , 19 - may have been dubbed "the female Take That", but their album has sold more than three times as well as Take That's debut, Take That And Party.

Always & Forever , which blends pop, soul and gospel, has sold nearly a million copies and has remained in the UK album chart for more than a year.


Eternal are now proving more popular than solo female performers such as Madonna and Kylie Minogue, whos recent album sales pale into insignificanse alongside the awesome foursome.

So what's the secret behind Eternal's success? Unlike most of the boy bands who play on their sexuality, Eternal have never sold their music by using sex tactics.

"We are not a sexual group," says Louise . "We deliberately side-stepped all that. I think girls look to us for inspiration."

"They see us as four girls who are in control. A lot of people underestimate the intelligence of the young pop audience. They really do demand more than sexuality."

As the name of the band suggests, Eternal are concentrating on carving out a long career rather than making a quick buck.

Louise , who trained at the prestigious Italia Conti School of Performing Arts before joining the band, says: "Lots of groups are dance bands or pop sensations but we are here to stay.

"There are also some very strong songs on the album and they appeal to all kinds of people."