Daily Mirror, 26th October 1995

by Eternal's Kéllé

I Went Through Diet Hell

Kéllé Bryan was sent home from school and told to lose weight before her teachers would let her sit a ballet exam.

The Eternal singer, who studied at London's Italia Conti stage school from the age of 12 to 16, says it was an "unnatural environment".

Kéllé reveals she and former Eternal member Louise Nurding would go on crash diets after being told to slim, but were never advised how to lose weight.

"To be a dancer, we were told we couldn't have hips and a big bust" says Kéllé, at number six in the charts with Power Of A Woman.

"We couldn't sit our ballet exam until we lost weight. The whole thing was sick.

"At that age you diet the only way you know how - you starve yourself. If you have ambition, you do it. That's the kind of environment it was. It was horrible."


Louise, 21, who left Eternal for a solo career, is pleased to hear her old school now holds classes on nutrition and dieting.

"At 15 you don't know how to diet properly and so many girls develop disorders" says Louise. "There should be nutrition classes in all schools."