Radio 1FM, 15th December 95 (6:15pm)

The Net

Eternal are hitting the road tonight in Portsmouth kicking off a three week UK tour. It'll be the last chance to see the girls before they move to the states for six months to promote their career over there, although there are already plans for some special shows back in the UK at Christmas. This is also the first time Eternal are touring without Louise. Kéllé told us they'll miss her on the road.

"We're getting used to a lot of the choreographic parts of the show without her. I mean, you still turn around and miss her, and there are parts that Vernie covers for her and different stuff, so, we do miss her very much but, you know, we're trying to compensate as much as possible."

"The Good Thing Tour is really based around the new album and the new concept of Eternal, this'll be the first live show with three members, and the first show containing material from the new album Power Of A Woman. So, well it's just a step upwards, it's a maturity from Always And Forever. It contains a bit more R&B music than the first album because, that's what we wrote, and we were obviously influenced by R&B and gospel so that's what came out in the new album."

Kéllé's asthmatic; last year on tour with Take That she became ill with bronchitis. This time though she says she's ready for action.

"I train every day, I have a personal trainer, and I train for about an hour to two hours everyday. I also eat much better than I did, I eat very sensibly and I try to be very healthy, and I maintain a schedule everyday whereby I get up at eight and I train, and then I go into rehearsals, and then I rest for a few hours and then I do the show."